Three Day Nanny – 18th September – 8pm on C4

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Three Day Nanny - C4
If you get the chance, check out The Three Day Nanny tonight at 8pm on C4 – it’s a new formatted documentary series I’ve made with traditional Norland Nanny Kathryn Mewes who moves in with families to improve home life.

Described by contributors as a real life “Mary Poppins”, Kathryn Mewes believes in old fashioned values, such as letting children get dirty in play, taking risks, and giving children more responsibility. She’s totally against what she sees as the modern malaise of “over parenting”, and delves into the parents’ own childhoods to help them become more effective parents.

The actuality was shot by Marco Cervi on the C300 – and gives a beautiful glossy filmic look that is beautiful and unusual in actuality docs – intercut with second camera on XF305 – What results is an emotional, observational documentary series with lots of drama and tips about how to raise children in today’s Britain.