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I’m an experienced freelance producer and director with dual United Kingdom and United States citizenship. Trained at the BBC, I have extensive primetime credits for observational documentary and presenter-led shows, dramatic reconstruction and archive-based films for major broadcasters such as BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, C4 and Discovery.

I enjoy making any subject accessible, entertaining and interesting.

I’ve made programmes on topics as diverse as medical ethics, the Royal family, parenting, history, science, cookery and business.

Always enthusiastic, energetic and collaborative, I particularly enjoy working with new talent and contributors on location and crafting a film in the edit.

I’m experienced in filming overseas, speak several languages, and I am just as happy directing large crews, as I am self shooting in small teams.

Recent credits include…

The Three Day Nanny C4  – Norland Nanny Kathryn Mewes moves in with a family to sort their troublesome children in just 3 days.

Greatest Shows on Earth C4 – Comedienne Daisy Donovan watches and appears on the worlds most extreme TV to find out what it tells us about a nation.

Spice Trip C4 – two chefs travel the world to find how spices are grown, harvested and cooked with.

Cherry Healey, How to get a life BBC3 – Immersive presenter asks whether it’s better to be single or settled, whether we are all addicted to something and whether we’re all a little bit prejudiced.

Undercover Boss C4 – the first lady of trucking  goes under cover in her business to find the dirt.

Prince Charles’ Other Mistress C4 – the untold story of Kanga, an Australian heiress who fell for Royalty.

Please contact me for a full CV.